Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A visit to the Orthodontist

We have visited our share of doctors lately. We started with a trip to the orthodontist two weeks ago. What promted this visit is our middle schooler's teeth. He could pass for a shark when he opens his mouth.
See, our 6th grader is so afraid of pain, he will not pull baby teeth unless under duress! Therefore, he has two rows of teeth on top and on bottom.
As the momma I'm supposed to pay attention to these things. (anyone who is a parent, or has had custody of a child for any length of time knows that these things sometimes pass our observation if there are no complaints from said child). I mean if the teeth are visible I can see them wiggly. The ones in the back on inside the cheek zone- he might as well not have them as I sure don't think about things I don't see.
( I know, mom of the year will have to go to someone else!)
To sum this up, there are 10 teeth that need to come out."

So, into a cheery office we go. We are greeted warmly by the receptionist. There is a pretty orange paint on the walls, new magazines and a comfy leather couch to sit on. Once signed in, a young doc pops his head out of the side door and asks my 6th grader to come on back. He says he will chat with him first, then call me back.
Okay. I re-sit on the sofa and get immersed in an article on Michelle Obama and how she is settling into the White House. I don't quite make it through and it is now my turn to go back and chat.
Doc has my child open his mouth and show me the same thing that our dentist showed me. "Okay, I'm familiar doc, now what?"
"Please look at this." (doc is pointing to a bottom tooth that moves as my child breaths out!) UGggh! "Is he by any chance afraid of pain?"
He them goes on to explain to me and my child that this tooth and another one are not even root bound anymore. These two teeth can come out today. Free of charge.
Okay, so I focused on the free part. Don't shoot me.
My boy sits there and refuses to let the doc pull his two teeth. More prodding and explaining. Then with tears starting to well up in his eyes he agrees to pull on out right there.
Oh the DRAMA! (Sweetie is SOOOOO going to the next appt)
Eventually it does come out. The sight of his own blood, psychologically gave his tears permission to flow.
Doc is done. We are all done. The person in the waiting room is done too!
Doc says my child can pull the other one out on his own time. He was exhausted. THe middleschooler and I exchanged looks of "Whatever!" between ourselves.
So, Doc won't see him again until all 8 teeth are pulled. I say 8 as once I tell Sweetie that when Doc asked our child to "man up" and pull it or he would pull it for FREE there in the office... and it didn't happen... uggh. It will be only 8 teeth to be pulled.
So Doc tells me that our dentist is the one who will pull these teeth. I schedule an appointment for this to be done after school is out. Our dentist tells me it will take about an hour and a half depending on our child for this to happen.
Sweetie is SO going to this appt. HE can handle the "MAN UP " appt.
I wouldn't be able to take it. I would have to leave the office, the parking lot, quite possibly that side of town. Have the dentist call a cab for the child. Then love on him when he comes home. Like somehow me not being physically there removes me from being responsible. sigh.
It will be me that tells my boy it will be better soon, give hugs, and love, some icecream, maybe pick up some movies.. all the fun stuff.
The bill for this? Don't know yet. Maybe I should ask if he does a two for one special? Sigh.
One person's procrastination sure does have a profound effect on anothers bank account!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Just the word Tornado stirs up emotions in people. Depending on whether you personally have been through one, or know someone who has. Even watching coverage of the loss and devestation of a particular area tugs on one's heart strings.
One minute your life is "normal" the next you are starting over from scratch. Suddenly the "next big thing" isn't so important. Raw nerves, instinct. Emotion, loss, and thankfulness.
Three tornado's confirmed touchtown in Murfreesboro, TN yesterday. I first listened on the weather radio, then as our weather cleared out (we got strong winds,rain and hail) I watched the damage done to Murfreesboro come to light for all to see.
My aunt, uncle, and cousin live in Murfreesboro. We, ourselves lived there four years ago now. It took awhile before I could get in touch with them as the cell tower was part of the damage.
They were driving downtown to get a Easter dress for my cousin when; as they stopped at a red light at an intersection..they saw it. Literally saw the funnel cloud touch the ground! It was close! Folks were so spellbound by the tornado they weren't moving thier cars when the light turned green. It was if they were locked in place. Fear is a powerful emotion. Until you go through something like that you don't know how you would react.
My uncle was able to get the family van out of the traffic and turned away from the oncoming tornado. They drove down the road, clogged by drivers in shock. They pulled into a neighborhood where my cousin said a friend of hers lived with a basement. THey pulled into the driveway and got out. They could hear that "train sound" and the temperature had dropped several degrees. The sky was green and the rain was pounding their skin as they knocked on the door. The folks were not home. My uncle says he and family went behind the house and hunkered down. Praying. Praying for safety.
The wind was howling and the rain was pelting, it was cold. God spared my family. Praise God, my family was safe! Less than 2 blocks over the tornado tore through the neighborhood. With debris everywhere, they thanked God for keeping them safe. They were able to navigate their van down a different route to their home. Their home is still intact. Praises!
As thankful as I am to God for keeping my family safe, I'm deep in prayer for the folks that didn't escape this violent act of nature. There is a lot of cleanup to be done. Volunteers are popping up all over. The community will come together and reclaim their homes.
Isn't it something how natural disasters bring out the best in people? Ok, guaranteed there are scum bags that will take advantage of the situation, but overall folks are back to being thankful for the stuff we generally take for granted. Each other for one. THere are no guarantees that we will be together with our loved ones this weekend, or even in the next hour. Events like yesterday, remind us that life is fragile.
The people I spoke with were just thankful that no one in their family was injured. Even those who lost their homes, were just thanful to be alive. Thankful that their neighbor and their pets were found alive. Several were taken to the hospital. One, being loaded into an ambulance spoke to reporters. "I just want to thank GOD for sparing me, and my family's life".
Maybe this Easter holiday will be approached with a renewal of spirit, a re-kindled love for Christ and the immeasurable sacrifice HE made for us.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Do puppies get brain freeze?

We found out that Sasha our one year old puppy likes orange sherbert icecream. I'm not sure that dogs are supposed to eat the stuff. hmmm.
Sweetie and I were having some of this delightful treat and Sasha decides she wants a taste. I put a little bit in her food bowl. She ate that quickly. Her little tongue just going in and out very quickly. Sweetie thinks this is funny, so he gives her more. She still doesnt have a lot but say the size if you scooped out icecream with a melon baller. She inhales it! This time however, she walks over to her blanket on the floor and starts rubbing her head in it. Brain Freeze? I don't know.. just wondered. We thought it was funny though.
Another thing we figured out she liked was Key Lime pie. Well, She must as she takes every opportunity to eat it if given. I don't think her tastebuds do, but her brain says, "take it!" before she remembers what it does to her.
Some folks give their dogs peanut butter to watch them lick and smack their mouths. Sasha? Give her a taste of Key Lime pie and watch that tongue go! It is funny! It is lots longer than peanut butter.
I read that dogs have a 1.5 second memory recall. So see, she has already forgotten about it!