Sunday, August 19, 2012

Brian and I found Neptune in the center of the Disney "resort" area of Hilton Head.  There were lots of shadows since it was the end of the day.  The flat area that Neptune stood on was a huge sundial.  We enjoyed figuring out the time clock based on the shadows.  

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Appreciation of Tree Leaves...

So, when I typed that title all sorts of things came to my mind, other than where I am planning to take this blog. 
 First, was how intricate they are..(remember in grade school, gathering all sorts of different leaves and then pressing them in waxed paper? )  to observe their shape, color, and vein structure?
Second thought was leaves in the fall. While its a lot of work to rake them, I still love to jump in them! The beautiful colors they display in the fall makes me appreciate my sight. 
A month or so ago, the electric department came by our house and informed my neighbor that several trees would have to come down, because there were branches in the lines. (okay, yes I didn't get the tree trimmed last year - I was a little tied up with Sweeties back surgery.) 
Anyway, she called me rather panicked and said, "Brenda, they are going to cut your tree down. Now he said that they will chop it up and take it away for you at no charge. (as if somehow that made it all okay!) You might want to come home."
Come to find out, they said they didn't need my permission to cut down or not cut down the tree. Snarl. I left work as quickly as I could and hurried home. I managed to get here before they cut our precious front tree down. 
(I've never been a tree hugger, but wow! I was that day!) After having an animated conversation with the guy holding a growling chain saw in my yard, it went silent. I explained I wasn't moving and neither was my tree. I would get it trimmed myself. He then tells me I have 72 hours to take care of it. If he comes back within that time frame he will take care of it. OOOOHHHH! I was NOT scared. 
Once I explained to Sweetie what fun things were happening in our front yard while we were at work, he agreed. We will take care of it ourselves. As a matter of fact that very afternoon my awesome father in law came out and trimmed it for us! Ha! Less than 24 hours later! DONE!
See? Almost no leaves. Back to my precious father in law. See in the upper left hand corner of the photo? He left me a few leaves!

This, I love!  Picture taken a couple of days ago.The leaves are coming back!  Pretty strong tree! It wasn't ready to call it quits and neither were we! 
It hasn't been a month yet, and its already starting over! Looking forward to a full tree again in the spring.