Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Travelocity Gnome is here!

We are so excited! My best girlfriend beat me to the punch in getting hers first.. we knew when we saw it in person, we needed one too! One of the many reasons we are friends is our love to travel!
We are so jazzed to get our gnome! This one is only 8 inches, but he is the prefect size to take with us in our travels. Now, we still will take SCRAT our Geo cache travel bug with us also so we can give him the miles due, but this fun guy is recognized everywhere! One day I may splurge and get the bigger one advertised on the travelocity website, but for now, our family is totally satisfied! And ya know, they gave me an awesome dark blue zip tote bag with a picture of this little guy on the front for free with my order!  Blessing! I love it most totes are not zippered. Way cool!

Off to Camp for Brian!

Today Brian left for camp. He is one of five boys and 16 girls.  He was hoping to have a seat to himself, but it wasn't in the cards! He is on his way to KY for a church camp. He will be doing all sorts of activities this week such as: Bible study, acting in a drama, music, cake decorating, zip lines, swimming, and mud games to name a few.

Monday, July 19, 2010

New potatoes!

The boys planted potatoes this spring, and now they are digging them up! Yummy!


Look! We have peaches! Sweetie bought himself a peach tree and we planted it earlier this spring! We have some pretty little peaches on it now!

Happy birthday Teri!

Well, here it is.. my best girl friends birthday! We grilled out and made some vanilla cupcakes with milk chocolate frosting for her! The boys put a candle on top of the biggest one and presented it to her while singing, "Happy birthday!"

Friday, July 9, 2010

Class of 1990 returns! Well, some of us!

We formed a committee over a year ago, set dates to meet, and planned. All that planning will come to fruition tonight, and tomorrow with various activities going on around town.  With Facebook, Ive been able to re-connect with several of my friends, and while it has been wonderful cyber chatting, I'm truly looking forward to face to face time!
So much has happened to all of us in the 20 years since we graduated. I still choke on saying,"20 yrs ago". Where has the time gone? Honestly, I can smile over my years...I've learned so much. I'm the same person, but different: my focus has changed and yet I'm proud to say that I have met several of the personal goals I had for myself by the time this reunion came around.
Between leaving Clarksville for college, getting married, moving to several different areas thanks to the USAF, the gift of two precious boys, and then coming back 'home'.. I've grown a lot- We have grown alot!
I can't wait to compare notes, and meet children and spouses of my groupies from back in the day!
I write all this to say that while I've had varied emotions of excitement, nervousness, and stress with the details..I can't hardly wait!
There have been a few that have come into town this week, that I'm able to get some one on one time with before we are surrounded and so full of chatter that some important details get left out, or conversations get dropped.
So bring it on! Most of us are within a couple years of 40, and some already we step into this next phase of our lives, I'm thrilled to do that with a tremendous group of people!