Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wave Petunias in September!

Who woulda thought that I would still have wave petunias at this time of year? I bank on this season as being my mum bloom time...but I've got extras blooming this year! The cannas are doing great, the mums are coming along, and those wonderful wave petunias are great! I've been blessed with a good bunch this year as I've never had them last this long into the season!  I bought them in KY at the Country Barn. I've always had healthy baskets both that I made and they pre-made.

September 15, 2011

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chocolate Bacon?

Okay, so what  made me create this intersting combo? Well, apparently chocolate covered bacon is a delicacy? I have looked all over for it, short of ordering online, I decided I would help curb the boys' (and Best Bud's) curiosity. I made some at home.

I melted some milk chocolate in my own homemade double broiler!

 I dipped the cooked bacon in the chocolate, then put it in the freezer for a few minutes... Then we all tried a piece.
Cory and Best Bud liked it. Brian was on the fence. Sweetie and I - YUCK!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Grand Champions - CHS Wildcat Band! Congratulations!

Today  - the whole day was dedicated to our band member - CORY!
He has put in a 12 hour day, and wow! It paid off!
Today, at Montgomery Central High School, there was a band competiton for area bands.  11 bands participated: West Creek High School, Sycamore High School, Rossview High School, Dickson County High School, Clarksville High School, Kenwood High School, Northeast High School, Reidland High School, Northwest High School, Montgomery Central High School, and Austin Peay State University. 

Kenwood band had Edward Scissorhands conducting for them! While Northeast had Elvis!

Congratulations CHS Wildcat Band for  willing the GRAND CHAMPION Trophy, and 1st place in Band Large Class, Percussion Large Class, Color Guard, Best in Class, Overall Field Commander, and Overall Guard!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Embarrassment is a powerful motivator.

Teenager and responsibility. Responsibility is moved up a notch when a teen moves from middle school to highschool. (whether they like it or not) Cory learned such a lesson this morning.
Picture it:
6:30 a.m.   I ask the boys to make sure they have everything this morning.
Get a yes out of both of 'em.
6:45 a.m.   Time to be at the bus stop. 5 minutes to bus arrival.  I ask Brian if he has his lunch and all homework...I get a yes. Cory  - I ask if he has all his band stuff (tonight is the first game of the year) I get an annoyed eye roll and a  yes.
7:49 a.m. Text message comes in from Cory, "Mom - will you bring me my band shirt? I left it on the bed, bring to band room. We have a pep rally this morning. I need it in ten minutes."
7: 55 a.m. I pull into the parking lot, and sprint toward the band room. (just knowing a little face will be watching for me.)  Hallway full of kids, no Cory. Stick nose in band room -no Cory. Look down hallway - still no Cory. I spot the band director and attempt to hand her the shirt.  She looks at me, looks at the shirt, and blows a whistle around her neck.
The kids that weren't already in the band room (to include Cory) come piling into the room from everywhere like cockroaches. I try to slide the shirt to Cory  - no can do. The group is now in a 10 nice orderly lines, evently spaced. Everything is quiet.
The director introduces me to the group. "Everyone- we have a guest today. This is Mrs. Hunley. Cory's mom. What do we say to Mrs. Hunley?"
At this point, the group is now staring at me, and all together they say, "GOOD MORNING MRS. HUNLEY!"
I smile and repeat the greeting. Then the director asks me what do I have in my hands? I answer that it is Cory's band shirt.
She then calls Cory to the front of the room. Cory comes to the front where he is asked, in front of everyone, who's responsibility it is to bring their band shirt to band. Cory answers that it was  his. She then looks at the band and asks them. They also answer that it is their responsibility.
Cory now has said shirt in his hand and he has this flush to his face. I'm sure mine matches, but I know his is worse, 'cause I get to leave and he has to stay. Thinking this is over, I take a step to the side. Cory thought the same thing, cause he was already four or five steps back into the security of the group, when that director brought him back to the front with a, "CORY! WHAT DO YOU SAY TO YOUR MOTHER?".
The room is quiet, Cory is back looking at me like he would rather take a thousand beatings than be where he is right now. I get a mumbled "thank you" and he turns again. Did the Director let that go? No!
"Cory! What else do you say?" He turns once more and looks at me. "THANK YOU!" he says very loudly.
Much to Cory's dismay his director is shaking her head and waiting for Cory to say something. Poor Cory is at a loss. (I must admit, I too was wondering what else he needed to say). She then calls for Cory's band partner to come to the front.
The group parts, so another embarrassed teen can come to the front. The director looks at him and at Cory and asks him to enlighten Cory.  The friend looks at Cory and loudly whispers, "tell her you love her!"
The color leaves Cory's face as soon as it came. Oh, the torture. He turns, "Love ya."
Not good enough for the director. "Cory- tell your mother you love her and MEAN it."
I have to admid, I was feeling for him at this moment, cause as a teen you don't wanna blurt that out.
His friend then punches Cory's arm and says, "go hug your mother."
Cory hugs me and loudly announces that he loves me to the whole group. The band director then tells Cory to come prepared to class, and for the group to help him remember.
OH boy! I'm thinking he will.....