Sunday, March 18, 2012

War and Rumors of Wars

Watch your local news channel and you will see that war and rumors of wars is always touched on, even if only an update on another country's war.
I remember in high school having to write a paper on Iran. I learned a lot about that country then, and fortunately remember some of the details. Basically in the late 80's early 90's we were concerned about Iran then too.  It seems that there have been quarrels that turn into fights, that turn into battles, that sometimes lead a whole country to war.
How very fortunate we are to live here in America. Being an US Army brat I've lived other places, and in other countries. As an adult, I've traveled to many other countries on mission journey's. I am but one of several that have been able to experience other cultures, foods, and ways of life. My eyes have been opened to seeing folks just like us, go without food, shelter, and clean water.
America, land of the free has opened its borders to others so they may also have a chance to experience such luxuries. America has lent money, time, and soldiers lives so help other countries experience democracy at some level.
After listening to the morning news last week, I was struck by the fact that after I turn it off, the situation that is currently going on, the angst of another country and its turmoil are closed to me and the family.
I'm so thankful. When I turn on the water, it runs clear, there is food in the cupboards, and we can drive down the streets safely. It is a true blessing for us to be able to go about our business working, sending our children to school, and traveling about. We don't have to keep our children home because of wars breaking out in the streets. Our homes are secure, there aren't bombs going off, and militia running the streets with machine gun fire being a constant background noise.
I could really ramble from here, but will not. Bottom line, I'm just thankful for our country. Please pray with me for our leaders and the election processes. No matter whether you are democrat or republican, our leaders and the one who is finally picked need to be covered in prayer. Our county is great because of God's grace - freedom is not free!