Friday, January 30, 2009

When that evil thought wins ....

What a day! Ever catch yourself thinking that? I did, and it was only 6:28 a.m. this morning!
The day started ordinary enough..alarm going off. Me stumbling into the other room to shut it up. (we learned we get up quicker when we can't hit the snooze button) Next move is to get our middleschooler up.
That can be a chore. This child is a non morning person.. Anyone relate? In the darkness I ponder which to flick on? The big light hanging from the ceiling fan..or the lamp. Go with the second choice as I realize that little brother has climbed into bed with big brother over night..uggh.
"Good morning sunshine!" I whisper into his ear... (non-morning people love that!) I gently shake him from his slumber. "Five more minutes Mom!" is the reply. "No, get up now.. " I mumble as I walk out of the room. He props himself up and looks at me. My job is done, or so I thought.
Padding downstairs it occurs to me that I didn't pack lunches last night. "uggh" I say loud enough to wake the puppy. Middleschooler, and now lunches postponed I mozey over to the kennel and let Sasha out.
Sasha doesn't approve of the ice and snow still being out front, so she makes quick with her morning business. Once inside, with a treat being slobbered all over, I remember to go upstairs and re-wake up the middleschooler. All is quiet as I ascend the stairs.
Okay, let's flash to me.. you know how in cartoons when a decision is being made a little devil pops up on one shoulder gives his spill, then the little angel comes out and does the same? Well, this is what is going on with me as I climb the stairs.. knowing my kid is still snuggly in bed, when he is to be up, dressed, eating his breakfast. By the top step, I've succombed to the pirate in me and a little wicked grin comes over my face.
I truly believe the little brother is part pirate too, as I take that top step he hears the floor creak, and pops up. (he is a morning person like me!) Remember his brother is sleeping peacefully next to him. Lamp still on by the way.
"Morning Mom! Is it time to get up?"he says " Not yet, but you can come down and watch some cartoons if you want." (because what I have planned for your brother, you don't need to witness)I think to myself. Little brother pops up, gets out of bed and pads his way over to me. "whatcha doing Mom?" I said nothing. Remember the pirate part? Here it comes..
I am in the bathroom in the hallway upstairs between the bedrooms, filling a big glass full of ice cold water. Little brother pops his head around and sees what I'm doing. "Mom!" Then I see it.. my own reflection in my little man's eyes and face as I recognize the same mischievious smirk on his face as is still obviously written all over mine. (Pirate)
As I walk back into middleschoolers room, I decide to give him(middleschooler) a sporting chance. "Wake up! Time for school" I say in a sing song manner. No response. Okay, I think... one more chance..
I pull the covers off.. Now my middleschooler was out.. I mean out in la la land. He didn't respond.
This is all tooooooooo much for little brother as he is now gleeful! I decide to end this dance as I hear the clock sounding off in the background that we will indeed be late if I waste any more time.
SPLOOOOOOSHHHHA! cold water making contact.. has an instant response unless of course you are in a coma. I almost felt sorry for him. Full contact.. I mean this kid is jolted from wherever he was in la la land to the land of the morning people!
Me and little brother? Oh, we are hysterical. I'm trying to be reserved, but it sure is hard to supress a laugh after such a mission is completed to such satisfaction! Little brother? Oh he is having the best part of his day!
" Can we wake him up like this everyday?" little brother manages to say amongst fits of laughter. (laughter is good for the soul right?)
All this noise wakes Dad bear who was in on the whole thing. No he didn't participate, because if he had.. there would have been no warning.. no glass .. it would have been a bucket.
My middleschooler is torked. Who can blame him? I can't. It must have really sucked. I mean really... hee hee.
Guess who's up getting dressed? Dad is now talking to him about his choices and now there is a breakdown in the whole area of getting dressed.. pants are too short.. long.. no belt.. oh he's standing on one.. ha!
I left with little brother to go downstairs and pack lunches..
What a way to start my day!