Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Adventure at the Nashville Flea Market - part 2

This blog is going to spotlight two vendors that captured my attention. Yes, several did with their quirky yet diverse offerings. Cory told me on several instances that I was terribly slow and we would never make it through if I spoke with each vendor. I enjoyed meeting several vendors and listening to their story, or at least a story on a particular item. 
The first one is laughable, while the second, if you have time, I truly hope you visit their website. 

FOR colorful fun : Look!  There were many animals, but the donkey made me laugh. His head jiggled in the wind too~! 

I SO want a grill like this gun one! Awesome!
Both grills were so creative I had to photograph!

There are some folks who challenge the status quo..and I love it when they share that talent publicly!

The next vendors name is Cordie. She is a precious Christian lady (former Army wife) who takes recycled tents and refurbishes them into other useful products for us to use today, and yet carry a bit of history with us.
She and her husband of many years, have served our country proudly, and now continue that legacy by honoring those who serve and have served. With their earnings they send stockings full of goodies to soldiers currently serving over seas at Christmas time. They also have a Chapel tab on their website where folks add their service family members to a ever growing prayer list. Each of these soldiers is prayed for daily, and part of their blessing is hearing back from the families of these soldiers, as to how prayers for their safety have been answered. 

These aprons are neat! Sweetie may end up with one of

The purses/backpacks/totes are pretty neat also, all made personally for you. Whichever branch of the military you are from, they are well represented!

These are made from the tags off of parachutes.

The website is:  
 www. americanpasttents.com

(931) 505-3277

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Adventure at the Nashville Flea Market

Ever since the boys could understand what I was saying to them, I've taken them on a day of "adventure".
Sometimes that was a local park, or the beach, others it was to be doing something different, creative: like painting, or building something, or perhaps a science experience.   Hence, adventure is something they love to do.

With them getting older, the adventures have gotten bigger, and/or more detailed. One adventure had us walking over 5 miles in a day! We were all tired, but enjoyed exploring nature that day out at Rotary Park.

We tracked animal tracks, and came home with a bag of fossils, and some great memories. Yet another had us on an all day long train ride up into the mountains of Colorado, that was amazing!
This weekend, since Sweetie was flying with his dad, the boys and I took a friend up on their suggestion to spend a day in Nashville at the flea market.  We figured it would just take a couple of hours and then we would be outta there! Ha!
Many of the vendors were thrilled when we asked questions. We learned all sorts of stuff about old bicycles, record players, and the folks that used them.
There was a sweet older gentleman that showed the boys how to play a game of marbles..(a lost game it seems)! He also talked about the types of marbles and how that used to be the game everyone wanted to play at recess, and how if you had your own marbles to bring to play with you were considered a "rich" kid. With kind eyes and deep wrinkles etched into his face from years of smiling he told tales of losing marbles and the best games; the ones where he won some marbles to bring home!

 This set of desks came out of an old schoolhouse that was being torn down in rural Pennsylvania. They have been sanded down and re-stained for sale today. He said these were early 1930-1940's and we could tell because there were no inkwells in the desk top.
These old lamps used to light the way for a family that lived in Boston years ago. Apparently they haven't been lit in years. However, they were so pretty and since I stayed and chatted awhile, the woman allowed me to photograph them.
The old wheelchair is early 1940's. The vendor with this jewel for sale said this was her grandmother's wheelchair and back in the day it cost $20! Her grandmother rode around in this in a Georgia rest home. Apparently her grandmother was so talented, she learned to maneuver this chair around the grounds, even for a game of croquet!  She told me that a wheelchair like this one was used in the movie The Notebook. I  will have to watch that movie again to find out.

 This beauty of an old cash register is a true prize. The
gentleman selling it wanted $1,500.00.  Since Sweetie and I have been keeping out eyes peeled for such a gem, we have also done our homework. We know that these old National Cash registers pricing is based on condition and most of all the pattern. This one is called 'chicken scratch' or so I'm told. I haven't had time to look this up.
They had it locked up, but once I started asking questions that showed I had a sincere interest the price dropped and they showed me how it worked! Oh the drawer below the marble is pristine! I can only imagine the stories it could tell. There is a crack in the marble, mostly due to being in non-climate controlled environment. The marble top is so that the proprietor could tap the coin on it. Depending on the sound the coin made tapping on the marble determined whether or not it was fake currency.
By the time I left this vendor, I had them talked down to $500. One day if I have the money and a place to put this pretty piece of history, I will buy one!

 These lanterns were a little over $50 a piece so I left them to sit there for other folks to admire! Isn't the glass pretty?

A little over 4 hours later, we emerged; tired, but excited over things we discovered and learned while we were there. We even brought home a few treasures! Since the flea market is only once a month, we are already making plans to go back.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Girls Night Out

After spending the greater part of Saturday shopping in the Franklin's antique district, and in and out of area Re-Stores, we decided to finish out the evening with a dinner to remember.
Carrabba's  was my surprise to Best Bud. She had never been. In case you have not either, I will let ya in on this treasure of a restaurant. If you are on a diet or watching your calories, you can still eat here, just limit your portions, and well, don't eat for the rest of the day!
The back story here is that Sweetie and I went to Carrabba's for an anniversary dinner last year. Our anniversary happened to land on prom night. Oh man! We didn't have as long of a wait, and enjoyed ourselves so much so, we take great delight in bringing other folks with us to experience the environment and enjoy the food as well.
Okay, Best Bud. She was tired, a little more than I, as she was just back from a road trip of her own - so she had no idea what I was up too.  SMIRK!  See, Best Bud most of the time manages to pull off surprises for me, this time I got her! Yay!
First off, as long as you are not a big party you have a chance of lucking out and getting to sit where you can watch the meals prepared. There is a side where you can watch them make pizza's and place them in and out of a big brick oven.On the other side, you get to watch them with the different pasta dishes. Generally there are a couple of the cooks on the other side of the counter that will show you the various dishes as they are being prepared, this makes for great entertainment. On this occasion, Best Bud was treated to quite the show.  Spaghetti was being flipped as other various pastas were being drained and placed on dishes with colorful sauces with a meat specialty tucked to the side.
The managers have been a blessing to us each time I have been to the restaurant. Each time, we have been spoken too, and shown other items on the menu, as well as treated to some real conversation. It's nice to really be taken care of at a restaurant.

Kudos to Carrabba's in GreenHills!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Moss,Rocks,Glass - Creative Juices

Terrariums, I had seen them before, and admired them - but never thought I could put one together. This weekend- well, I put together 3 of them.
Best Bud and I have been checking out the various creations of others on Pintrest for awhile now. So, since we had creative hang out time today, we stomped through the woods around her home. We searched out different types of moss and carefully pulled off sheets of it to bring back for our pre-bought apothecary style jars. We found lichens on some sticks, various bark, and rocks we could use.
Once they were all laid out, we got busy...

Friday, January 13, 2012

First snow of the year!

What does the word snow do to you? Does it bring up fond memories of playing in it? Or does it bring up stress as you worry about slippery streets, accidents, and broken bones? Or as a child, do you hope for a day or two out of school/work?
I love the snow. The white clean and peaceful beauty of the snow crunching underfoot as you walk through it, or the chill you feel as you lay down in it and make snow angels. I still enjoy watching the individual flakes fall! It's like being inside a snow globe!  Do you take the time to look at a few of the flakes like we did as children? They are beautiful - another reminder that everything is purposeful, and designed for you to enjoy.
Ever heard of singing in the rain? How about dancing in the snow? Each season brings its own beauty and sense of change, each a gift given during its own time of the year.  Try to take time this year to appreciate the beauty around you. Each day is a gift - unwrap it!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

First post of the Year

'First' is a key word used more at this time of year, and particularly this month more than any other.... or so I've been told. 
Goals are set and dreams are planted during this time of year. What do you have planned, or hope to cut out of your life this year?
Sweetie and I decided to make monthly goals this year. Time will tell at the end of the month. Since it is now the 12th it's almost at the half way point!  Is this a time of joy for you, or do you realize some of those goals are just as far behind as they were on the 31st of December?
Best wishes in the new year! I hope it is a terrific one for you!