Monday, May 21, 2012

Oh- the Teenage Years!

Sigh. For anyone who knows me.. I am not fond of staying up much past 10pm. I will gladly stay up a little late for a good ole hockey game, but for procrastination? UGH! (this was not in the Gerber video!) However, since he is our teen - we are the lucky ones who get to sit up and help him work through it.
 I reserve the right to be a little 'snarky' tomorrow.
What time is it? Oh, almost 2 a.m - and by the time I'm done it will be 2:20ish! And since I believe in tough love - I will not do it for him! I am busily working here on my own computer as he is digging for facts and just enough fluff to fill in the necessary space required to pass! No, we usually wouldn't be working this late, but due to band practice- he was busy from after school til 8pm tonight.
The teen we are speaking of managed to "forget" a paper due today, (insert sigh). UHUH! A whole paper!  Ya know the kind where ya have to site your sources, run it through the program that checks for  copy cats - typed, ect, ect! Sweetie and I are up to ensure that we are getting quality work out of our disgruntled teen!

Once he gets to bed, it will only be for a couple of hours before the "RISE AND SHINE!!" team greets him warmly. We do want him to get started on the right foot! As I pull the finished paper off of the printer ... it is now 3..nite nite!
Since I did get one of these nice "love you!" gestures, it made up for it...mostly!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

"Help! My record player is not working!"

" My wife bought me a new record, can Chad come over and help me play it? I can't seem to get the record to play."
This was the main quote from a recent phone conversation I had with our older neighbors across the street. These precious folks, as I have mentioned before ask for our help occasionally. We are glad to give it.  These two have been married for half a century plus some, so they know each other, and which buttons to push and when.  Today, the MRS. bought the MR. a new record, or so we were told. Somehow even when we go over to help, we are the ones that get blessed. Tonight that was with laughter.

When Sweetie went over to "help" this is what he saw:  FOR REAL!  He and Cory laughed so hard, and begged to take a picture - just because no one would believe us.