Saturday, September 26, 2009

Operation Serve

Today was our families third year serving in Operation Serve. This year Sweetie picked the project. We went and worked at his old elementary school.
What started out as another grey, wet day turned into a shiny, productive day of spreading Christ's love across Clarksville.
Our project was one of many at the school. We worked at the front enterance. There were neglected areas on either side of the front door. We raked, weeded, laid border, dug holes for bushes and shoveled mulch.
There were several in the neighborhood that came over out of curiosity to see what was going on.
Statements like: "All these young people are working for free?", "It is nice to see a church who will work outside their own walls, "For us? Wow!" Really? This is not going to cost me anything?", "I didn't realize there were folks out there that would take time away from their families and out of their weekend to come out and clean up our community."
I'm not writing about this to bring glory to us, or our church. I just hope if someone reads this, they will consider doing some small act of service for someone else, expecting nothing in return.
Sweetie and I hope that the boys will continue this act of service many, many times in the future.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sasha update..

"The Rat Terrier craves companionship, often using his paws to demand attention, and most are somewhat vocal, "talking" and grumbling, especially when ignored."

Sasha, our year and two month old puppy sure has changed the lives of our family. (And our friends)What a joy she is! She is consistantly the happiest "little gal" I meet any day! It has been fun to watch her personality grow with her.
She listens more than she used to. She knows her boundaries. (she left a chicken sandwich alone when left alone with it)When she is sorry, she is the sorriest (okay maybe not a word, but she is pitiful when she is sorry!).
When we first met her she climbed all over her brothers and sisters to make sure she was seen! Her personality hasn't changed much since then. She makes sure she is around all the time.
Oh! Side note! She is very handy to have in the kitchen! I don't have to sweep as much as I used to! I don't think anything has time to even fully come in contact with the floor before she has scooped it up! You would think this little dog doesn't eat! hmmm.
She is always ready to play, boundless, seemingly limitless energy. Moving and shaking all the time. Just like the quote above from a fellow rat terrier lover, she will "grumble" when she doesn't get her way. Not a lot, just a little cussing. Funny really. She also sighs a lot! I hope that means she is content. However, most of the time, I think she is fed up with the bunch of us!

Protective? yes! She will tolerate folks who come to visit, all will get a protective bark for sure. If the doorbell rings she is gone barking all the way there!
She loves to go for a ride. Due to her little stature she usually has to be held up by the passenger in order to see out the window. If we are stopped and someone is next to us where she can see them, she will bark a warning. When she goes with me to take the boys to school or perhaps to pick them up, whomever comes near the car gets a warning, "ruff", or a low "grrrr". Full fledged barking occurs if they make any move to come closer to the vehicle.
She has definately bonded with our family. She loves us all. Funny though, if any of us leave the room and dont come back for awhile or wear a hat she will bark at us too, we have either suprised her or she forgot us for a moment!
Sweetie takes full advantage of this, and delights in "scaring" her. HE has also found out that Sasha loves to chase a flashlight! We keep her busy with that sometimes!
She follows me around quite a bit, then sees I'm busy involved with something else and she will opt for a nap, but it is usually within sight distance.
Fetch! She will go play all day if you allow it. Doesn't get tired of chasing something and bringing it back.
Adopted Aunt Teri and Uncle Deane, they are the only other two people other than our family of four that she will be thrilled to see! Neat thing is, Deane leaves for several weeks sometimes months at a time between seeing her, and she will still recognize him when he comes back! I think she also likes the fact that he and he alone with share his Boznian coffee with her. No! She doesn't get much. He dips his finger in the last drops of it and lets her lick his finger! ha! We have also found out that she likes key lime pie! Uhuh! Teri? There is a special bond there. She likes NO girls other than me and Teri. It is hard for me to get her to settle down with another gal in the area.
Teri has made Sasha a facebook page. I know, but it is cute, and she has some followers and lots of friends. Teri, our middleschooler, and I keep up Sasha's page with the latest videos or pictures that we have taken of her.
Right now as I type this she is sitting on my lap with an occassional sigh as I type on.. oblivious to the fact that this post is all about her. She sits with me a lot. She loves Bible Study time. How do I know? She will watch my finger follow the words. Sometimes, okay most of the time, I read the lesson to her. Good little puppy. She will sit and listen. I think she understands more than she lets me know.
Teri has also made this pup a hater of monkeys. How? If there is a stuffed monkey anywhere in sight that remotely looks durable, Teri will buy it for her. She will then delight in Sasha's destruction of it.
Sasha wants to go out, so I must close this chapter. More about our delightful canine companion, Sasha later.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Cumberland Science Museum

Over the summer I took the boys to the Cumberland Science Center in Nashville. We had a fun day.
They had all sorts of stuff for the kids to do, and we all learned a lot. They would tell you their two favorite parts were the germ fighting game they played, and climbing around like they were astronauts.
If you are in the Nashville area, or need a suggestion when you come to the area, please check out the Cumberland Science Museum.

Picture day

Yesterday was picture day at our son's elementary school.
Does this conjure up any memories for you?
Ha! Me too!
Our youngest does care, very much about what he wears.
This day was no different.
After several changes he comes downstairs with his hair slicked back and dressed in all black.
He wanted to go looking "cool". He did!
Our middle schooler was out sick when school pictures came, we are still waiting for the make up date. When it happens for him, he will not care what he wears. He probably will forget to give me the date and he will just take an average everyday photo. He says that is the way he is, just average and everyday.