Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Today I met Mayhem

Generally, I enjoy the Allstate commercials where the guy who plays Mayhem, creates all sorts of havoc, to which if you are a member of Allstate you are covered, when pick a disaster/accident happens. It's a good reminder that bad stuff just happens and it pays to be prepared, if at all possible!

The car in front of me this afternoon was carrying a Christmas tree on its roof. Problem was, it wasn't tied securely. It weaved back and forth, finally sliding off the back and bouncing into the road. I was lucky enough to be following this car and was able to get stopped so I didn't run off the road, or run over the tree. Pulling over with the distraught car driver, the driver behind me and I helped her carry the tree back to her car, and re-tied it securely this time. (I'm pretty sure with all the knots in the rope she will have to cut it off!)
Anyway, as we were trying to wrap the netting back around it, the part of the tree that was closest to me, popped out and smacked me HARD in  the face.
The lady looked at me and and grabbed some paper towels and handed them to me. The guy stopped and asked me if I felt okay and how many fingers was  he holding up.  I laughed and then felt it, blood running down  my face.
I knew my face hurt from the smack, but figured it was just red. The guy got in his car and left, while the lady and I drove back over to the doctor's office where I work. She came in with me as some of my medical friends attended to my face.
Bottom line, I have a scratched eyeball, some scratches and a small cut on my upper cheek, oh and quite the shiner!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Brian's colorful new Hat

See Brian's new hat? He has been bugging us for one for quite awhile. There are all sorts of hats in various colors and styles that kids are wearing these days. This is the one he picked out this weekend.

These hats can be found all over. This one was bought at a Trading Company outlet store in Cool Springs Galleria, TN. (less than $20) We looked at several thicker hats less colorful at American Eagle. ($35 +)
This hat fits his center of attention personality!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Veterans Day Parade

Veterans Day is a special day celebrated by many folks across our nation. However, in our family it has always been special as being a military family goes back generations. I've spent many Veterans days watching the soldiers old and young marching and being honored for their sacrifices. Some of my fondest memories are of placing hundreds of little American flags at gravesites of our veterans. I have grown up listening to stories of battles and friendships forged over the years, and of life and sacrifices lived on various continents. Since I was born on foreign soil myself, I understand the value of being with your family on free soil. America is great because our soldiers and their families have sacrificed greatly. Our freedoms should never be taken for granted.
If you ever get a chance to spend an afternoon or day with a veteran, it will be time well spent. They have lots of insight to share with us. This weekend I was able to chat with a few while waiting to march. One was a veteran from WWII. He was amazing. He has seen a lot and his heart aches watching disrespectful folks these days.  Cory and I both got to march in our first Veterans Day parade this year. Cory with the band, carrying the banner, and I alongside the horn section keeping the crowd off the kids, and watching for falling music, and or potholes that they could fall into. There were lots of bands participating and many groups and organizations riding in cars, and floats.

Thank you Veterans and families for your sacrifice. On this day and many others, we honor you!

November view from the front porch

Crazy! This morning I noticed a brand new bearded iris blooming just to the right of the porch. WOW~!  These bloom in March! What a suprise blessing!
The winds have been blowing big time the last couple of days. There aren't many leaves left on the trees. With evenings beginning to cool down to freezing, and the days anywhere from 70 to high 40's..The petunias are still holding on, but starting to look rather tired. They will be retiring to the garage for the winter soon. Hopefully some will survive. Last year the geraniums held on and flourished in the warmth of the spring sun. Maybe this year even more plants will survive!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sasha vs. Squirrel

One of Sasha's favorite things to do is protect our home from Squirrels..those annoying rat like creatures. She takes personal offense to them daring to live in the trees in our backyard. The creatures enjoy taunting her - coming just far enough down the tree to stare at her.

SQUIRREL.. quite annoyed with Sasha as she is keeping it at home today instead of scurrying around on the ground storing nuts for the winter season.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Jack o' Lanterns 2011

 The boys and their pumpkins!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Over the weekend, after the soccer game, half of the team came over to help Brian celebrate his birthday.  Look at the fun balloons I found at Walmart! They glow in the dark! We all had fun with these! The package says they last 15 hours...we will see!

We celebrated with a pinata...and the movie REAL STEEL. This is a great movie. I went into it rather ho-hum, but the effects were good, and the story line was captivating. The group of boys enjoyed themselves and so did we. The night was long, and the energy never ending, but the memories are priceless. The boys singing karaoke was entertaining, and once we all rocked out with Guitar Hero us older folks were ready to call it a morning. The kids stayed up to play two games of Monopoly, I managed to also..what a nut! The boys were great troopers and all of them came to church this morning and served in the elementary area for all three services.
Sweetie and I delivered some very sleepy and exhausted boys back home to their parents. Once the house  was clean..we relaxed a little ourselves!