Friday, February 25, 2011

Barf Happens!

So here we are 2011, it's that time of year! What time is it? MERGE! Relevant Student Ministries of Grace Community Church, and ONECHURCH 6th grade through 12th get together every Wed. night at St. Bethlehem Christian Church and worship God. It is an amazing thing to watch the next generation, taking their relationship with Christ to a new level! Anyway, one of the activities they participate in every spring is called. MERGE. Each grade level is divided into boys and girls and each group stays in a different home, has Bible studies, gets together to worship, eat, ect.
We have been a host home for three years now. This year we are host to 8 sixth grade boys. Sixth graders are an amazing group of kids, they are still fresh from elementary and are just beginning to develop into teenagers.
So tonight at 830 we start praising God through song, then listen to Michael Bayne share scripture, then sing some more. What a treat! To watch, listen, and participate with teens that love the LORD, is just well AWESOME!
Once bags are in the trunk its time for transport to the host homes! yay! Heading down the road we chat with them about the sermon, the music, who's their favorite group, ect..and one of them, the one behind me starts coughing. I ask if all is well, "yes!" wasn't.
Let me just share something with you. The sound of someone getting ready to launch their supper is universal. There is no mistaking that sound. That sound DEMANDS immediate attention. When you hear that sound, adrenaline kicks in, and you just jet. Not when you are in a car you don't. "Bbbbbaaaaaaaaaappp!" Warmth runs down the back of my neck, and my left arm, and the smell.
I'm driving so if I abandon the car, its not a good thing. Sweetie is in the passenger seat and whips around to see who is now laughing and feeling much better. I don't have to turn around. I know who it was. OH YEAH! I pulled over. Every second that passes the juices are sinking ever further into my seats, floorboards and my clothing. The boy? He is fine. He is cracking up. Sweetie is telling all the kids to get out, and for me to go on ahead. We aren't but just a few houses from ours, so I hurry home with the windows down, to see what I can get out of the car. Before I can pull away, I hear, "I only get sick when Im up past my bedtime." I laughed, yes I did..Oh MY; it is only the first night! Ya know, it can only get better from here, right?

Monday, February 21, 2011

"On the Old Side of Young"

Yes. I don't know about you, but when I was a child, I remember spending a lot of time thinking and dreaming about how things would be better once I was older. Ya know, dress like I want, cut my hair or not, stay out late, watch whatever I want. 
Typically, I discovered that with age comes more responsibility, not so much freedom. At twenty one I was in school and kicking around marrying Sweetie, so that flew by. By twenty five I was married and expecting our first child, living in a seperate state from any family. Life just kinda kept moving at a steady pace and surged forward with a new energy necessary once our second son arrived. Thirty just happened, somewhere between potty training and kindergarten. Thirty five was just a couple, okay three years ago. Now with an 11yr old, and 13 year old, Sweetie and I find ourselves sitting in Clarksville High School's cafeteria getting information for our upcoming freshman! WHAT? In a few weeks, we get to sit through orientation for middle school with the little one. Time moves fast.
Sunday, while involved in informing others about the Abraham Project in Costa Rica, several of the college kids, (born the year we graduated highschool) asked how old I was. Without pause, I get the response, "You're not to bad for an old person!"
Me? Old? What?  I laughed in a vain attempt to cover. "I'm not old!" The response was even more amusing.
"Well, you are right, you are just on the old side of young."  Smirking, I asked for the definition. I was then told I had "about maybe 7 or 8 more years before it was official." 
Now I'm truly laughing. Ah, well. It's actually okay. While I enjoyed my 20's, I remember the frustration, that in between age where you are grown up, but not really. You may be old enough to drink, but on the other hand you can now also go to grown up jail! Folks don't take you seriously, and you have no job experience except for little stuff. You finish up school and now with a piece of paper, they expect you to "go it on your own". Hmm.  Getting married, children, job...then life starts and doesn't quit moving. Suddenly you are in your thirties and you have some experience, you actually don't mind someone calling you, "Mr. or Mrs so and so." You are responsible for bills and these little people that call you Mom and Dad rule. You enjoy watching their sports, and suddenly you start to understand a whole lot more about loving someone more than yourself.
I've been told by some precious friends of mine, that 40 is amazing and has even more things to enjoy! It will definately be a different phase, and I can either dread it, or embrace it. So I will do the latter. Besides, most days I really don't mind being, "on the old side of young"! And I figure 7 or 8 years from now, I will feel like I do today, and that is the definition of old changes the older we get!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Mercy Ministries, Grace Gala 2011

Well, Sweetie and I went to the third Grace Gala Saturday evening. We were so excited about this over a month ago, we signed up to host a table! The centerpieces were put together by a friend of ours, Cathy Boles. She used ostrich plumes and a rotating light to create a beautiful touch to each table!

 It was a joint effort to raise money for Mercy Ministries. Here is a link to the website if you are interested in being a part of this important ministry.
We got all dressed up and went out to the Country Club, had a nice dinner, and listened to different speakers share about the ministry. We were saddened to hear the statistics on how many girls are abused and used for sex trafficking here in the States. We rejoiced with one lady who is a recipient of Mercy  Ministries, as she shared with us her life story and how she accepted Christ, and with the help of MM transformed her life.
There were door prizes given away throughout the evening and several gift baskets and donated items in a silent auction that folks could bid on.  Sweetie and I won a stay in an Executive Suite at the Riverview Inn downtown!
Along with Mercy Ministries, we got to listen to one of our dearest and best friends, Daniel Doss sing! He shared a few of his songs with us, including my favorite, "Stained Glass Windows".  If you get a chance, look it up on iTunes. Its thought provoking!

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day 2011!  What will you do today? Since our family is saving up for our March Mission Journey to Costa Rica we are conserving our monies this year.  Our family plans on having a dinner of porkchops, greenbeans, mashed potato's and rolls here at home. Nice and quiet.
Today Brian has a Valentines party with his class. I'm a little sad to say that over the weekend, I bought my last box of Valentines. (for awhile at least). He groaned over having to write names on the cards last night. 5th graders are too big for Valentines day, he let us all know in no uncertain terms. He did celebrate that this year, unlike other years, he doesn't have to make a Valentine box to put all his loot in.  He and Cory discussed all sorts of better ways to spend their day than all goopy over a girl.
This is the way it is on this Valentines day 2011, mark it down, because it won't be long and the boys will have their own Valentine plans, so I need to appreciate having all my Valentines under one roof!