Monday, August 29, 2011

Here there are Bible stories in Mosaic.

This angel is gorgeous!

Lots of work, the colors, sizes and shapes, its just beautiful everywhere you look!

Look at the stunning red mosaic tiles in this corridor!


I think I may have to print some of the pictures, they would make a beautiful display!

Mosaics - wow! The Cathedral in St. Louis is full of them. Thousands of millions of pieces each placed by hand into the walls, ceilings, and floors. I truly could spend a whole day there. The peace of the building and grounds isis a treasure beyond the beauty of the structure inside and out.

Stained Glass Windows in the Basilicia

Stained glass windows are admired by many; as well as myself. So, when we visited the Basilicia I had to try to capture as much of the stained glass as my camera would allow. The colors are just beautiful.

The Cathedral Basilica of St.Louis

Recently I had a three day excursion to St. Louis, with best girlfriend to her old stompin' grounds. St. Louis is a beautiful city, and I look forward to going back. There were many things we didn't get to go see and "do" due to the heat. Ick! It was 101 the first day and the heat index was 109- 111 per the local news. We found things to do that involved airconditioning. The first place she took me was to the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis .

After finding a nice shady spot to park next to the Basilica we were ready to explore! Since it was still just after 8am. the morning shadows kept us cool as we walked around the outside and admired the architecture of bygone days. The limestone (which I later found out was brought in from Italy) was standing firm, and the detail was impressive considering the time in which it was cut and molded into the beautiful building we can enjoy today. At the top we could see the large green tile dome of the cathedral.
Tours are free, and at designated times of the day. Since we were too early for a tour, we wandered around and marveled at the massive mosaics on the ceilings and walls. We were told that there are over 41,500,000 pieces in more than 8,000 shades of color. The information man at the front told us that on  May 1, 1907 the Archbishop Glennon broke ground for the great cathedral.
The quiet atmosphere and peace that envelopes a person walking around this big beautiful testament to the life of Jesus and the Catholic faith is well worth taking time out of your schedule when touring St. Louis. It was nice and comfortable, and history just leaped out at us through the pictures. There are public bathrooms there and a great museum downstairs that tells the history. The gift shop is full of treasures from artists around the world. They welcome photography - just mind the folks that are there worshipping. There were a few there to pray down front when we first got there, but before I made it through the first right corner of the building, they were leaving. This gave us more places to photograph. Most of the time you don't need a flash, but I did use it on occasion. I took many pictures, but will include a few below for you to give you an idea.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

And the fingers flew!

Last week we got to go watch Cory play the  keyboard with the CHS band.  As his fingers flew across the keyboard the cosmic sounds of 'Firefly' echo'd across the stadium. In front of him, his fellow pit crew -some with double mallots in each hand banged out beautiful melodic chimes on the xylophones. Behind him girls with purple banners twisted and twirled through the air, the horns, trumpets, flutes, and clarinets gleemed and moved to and fro as they boomed out their own metallic blast. The quick rat-a- tat of the snares, and the deep 'BOOM BOOM' of the big drums brings back our own high school memories. The students marched and stepped in and out from around each other with military precision. They were great!  

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Back to School

Listening to IPOD and texting...while shopping for shoes! Total teenage package!

6th grade here he comes!
Freshman year!
Cory's new shoes
For the first day of middle school, our 6th grader was jazzed, excited and could hardly sleep the evening before. He was up at the bus stop 20 minutes before the bus was to be there (just in case!). Our incoming highschool Freshman sauntered out of bed with enough time to get cleaned up just enough, throw on something that never made it to the drawer or closet, but was clean, grab a snack and head out. His biggest worry is girls. (Shhhhh!) He has been at school most of the summer already as he tried out for, and successfully made band. Marching and jazz. In marching band he plays xylaphone, and jazz he plays the keyboard. Being involved in band, he has been all over the school, and has made friends with several upper classmen so he is not worried at all. However, for his first day, he has to be at school extra early (6:30 am) to prepare to play for the student welcome party in the gym.

It's that time of year again! Back to School. While other parents were running around buying notebook paper and that special 3 ring binder, I was out looking for new tennis shoes for our boys. Now that they are young men..they don't wear kids shoes anymore. This means mens sizes - and prices.

I'm sure I've mentioned before, how different the boys are in everything. Shopping is no different. Cory is capable of in and out shopping, if his size is there. (he is very laid back and most of the time doesn't really care about what he wears) Brian on the other hand, is a shopper. He likes to look "GOOD". Fashion is very important and his wardrobe is planned - daily.

Brian's Puma's

Thankfully, I had done some research and based on selection and price we were able to narrow our shopping down to just two stores. Cory found some Reebok high tops, and Brian found some orange Puma's.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Sweet Dreams Are Made of These!

As time flies by faster every year, I wanted to take a moment and go back in time. The blanket in the picture below was originally made by me for Cory. (Cory was not a blankie kid -but Brian was!) So, the well loved and worn blanket below (complete with holes) and his beloved black bear, Gilbert are/were Brian's most precious things. He couldn't sleep without either one of these as a little baby. There is no telling how many trips across town we made if he left it there! Somehow sweet dreams are made of these:

This precious stuffed dog is lovingly named, "Puppy".  This little dog was carried everywhere by sweet Cory. YES- I'm letting the internet world know that Cory does have a soft spot for this sweet dog. We ended up buying a second one of these dogs as a standby so if one was left behind, we had a back up!
Sigh! I feel better. I do miss those days....

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another 20 years ago milestone celebrated....

On August 8, 2011 Sweetie suprised me with these flowers and a loving note thanking me for being his girlfriend for 20 years! I, likewise remembered the day, and prepared a special dinner for the family, but forgot it had been 20 years! Oh my! :) Yes, we shared it with the boys. It's important to do that.
Here is why I feel that way:  1. So many of their friends parents' marriages are being attacked ending in misplaced trust affairs, seperation, and divorce.
2. They need to know that Sweetie and I promised to never use that word (divorce)- EVER. We promised each other in front of God, family, and friends for better and worse. That means we both promise to work hard to keep our marriage strong.
3. Structure for the boys. This way they know things may not always be perfect, but tomorrow is another day, and with God at the center, we can survive- and succeed!
4. Most of all - we hope to model a good family structure. Hopefully, prayerfully this will help them as they grow and make choices, to not make hasty, rash decisions. To work hard, (it takes two) on relationships with each other, friends, and family, and one day their spouse.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Blue Owl Restaurant, Kimmswick MO


Saturday I got to have a special lunch with Best Bud, her mom, and her sister. We went to a restaurant called The Blue Owl in Kimmswick, MO. Kimmswick is a little town that has all sorts of artists that sell crafts out of their homes right in the downtown area. This gem of a restaurant is right in the middle of all the action!
This comfortable restaurant offers amazing customer service, and everyone greets you with a smile. The food is fabulous! I ordered a small strawberry salad with Romaine and Iceburg lettuce, Colby and  Monterey Jack cheese, fresh strawberries, and candied almonds! The poppy seed dressing was to die for! It was so great! Come to find out they are famous for it! I know why! It is delicious!
For dessert, I ordered the peach pie! Yummy! Oh! I love peaches, and since I hadn't eaten any this season, I couldn't help myself!
Look at the height on this Caramel Apple pie and the Levee High Apple pie! I've never seen so many apples in one pie before! Awesome!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

St. Charles Missouri

Recently I got to visit a beautiful city along the Missouri river, one that is proud and ready to tell their visitors all about the interesting history of the pioneer city. This city is called St. Charles. (Best Bud and I were there to dabble in the views and shopping) It was the first capital of Missouri.
The roads along the historic district are brick, in various sizes, so your tires will let you know when you are in the heart of it all. Off to the left you can see the Missouri river, and on the right you see streets filled with dated majestic and humble homes. Inside of these various old business buildings and homes, you will find many of the areas treasures made by local artists, antiques for learning about, and several you have the option to purchase.
We parked next to the old mill, where a once working water wheel still sets against the left outside wall. The morning shadows slowly back away to revel a small dining area nestled in a grove of gnarled trees. If you get a chance to shop in this wonderful area of town, keep in mind that most of the shops don't open til 10, or 10:30 am.
The first shop we popped in (they opened early!) was The Flower Petaler.
Oh this is a wonderful shop. On the windows walking up to the door were some beautiful wreaths. Thinking this was just a flower shop, I figured I would be in and out quickly. BOY, was I wrong! First off, there were several rooms and two upstairs! The first room was full of fall arrangements. These looked real! Wow. There were lots of pumpkins, gourds, little squirrels, acorns, and bronze, orange, and deep yellow leaves scattered amongst various arrangements. Not really needing anything for fall, I moved on into the other room, oh! This one was full of very rich colors, deep reds, and such. The next room was full of greens, so many shades and styles, I really spent some time looking around. My best girlfriend found an arrangement she wanted in this room. Hooray!
Wandering around we discovered there was also jewelry, scarves, and some antiques purchased from local estate sales. Yeah now I'm jazzed. Snooping around, with help of a great sales lady, I found all sorts of neat items I was interested in. There was even a Christmas room, with all sorts of trees decorated up and any ornament imaginable available. The nativity scenes, and ornaments, and the nutcrackers were beautiful and affordable. Upstairs, I managed to find the sale area, (go figure huh?).
Leaving the store, my friend and I both found an arrangement we couldn't leave without and a few other little items too! Score!
For lunch, we decided to try Lewis and Clark Restaurant ( We had great service, and the food was great! I got a grilled feta chicken and side order of alfredo. Delish!
So, if you are ever in the St. Louis area and want a great historic shopping/dining experience, please consider stopping by St. Charles. The people are friendly, the food is great, and eye candy is just everywhere!
Look at the towns first church/school house! The wood is laid vertical instead of the typical horizontal...hmmm. Very interesting!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy 14th Birthday Cory!

Happy birthday Cory! We love you!
Sleeping in, hanging out with friends and family, his cake,& presents - all in all was a great birthday day!

Jawbreakers from Candy Kitchen

"AWESOME!" is what both boys said when I showed them the homemade jawbreakers that I brought back for them from the Candy Kitchen. While both were excited over them, they tried all sorts of ways to get these things in their mouths! Hello....jawbreakers...

Sometimes just the pictures alone - say more than I ever could write!