Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring 2011 Recital

Today was Cory's piano recital.  Six years of playing piano paid off today. It was so beautiful. Yes, as a parent no matter what noise your child makes is beautiful because you are proud. Today was different, this was his last one. He has been working on his music for almost  a year. He even played another song selection for the fall recital so that he could have more time to practice for this one.
This morning, he showed us what he can do! He played The Entertainer by S. Joplin, and then he treated us all to a musical treat. He played The Wild Horseman by Schumann, arranged by Hunley. Yes, there it was in black and white on the program (arranged by HUNLEY!). He has been working on adding his own touches to the music for a while now. Yes, today I burst with pride watching him tickling those ivorys! The children all played well, and it was such a treat to the ears!

Cory and his piano teacher, Mrs. Magnuson

Cory with a proud Grandma and Grandpa Hunley

You go Cory! We are so proud of you!

Happy 17th Anniversary!

On April 30, 1994 at 2 in the afternoon Chad and I exchanged vows in front of friends and family. We were so excited! We had no idea what our futures held, we just knew we wanted to spend it together. Seventeen years later - here we are living our future! Two different yet complimentary personalities trying to figure it out to the best of our ability. This picture is one we took in a photo booth after his graduation from basic.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Baskin Robbins 31 Cents Scoop Night

Well, the annual .31cent scoop night has come and gone once again. Each year on the last Wednesday of the month of April from 5pm -10pm you can get a scoop of icecream for 31 cents! Due to weather around here; our small group cancelled, so we were free to partake this year! (Next year, I need to remind the group!) When special friends called us to come to dinner, well - we suggested where to go for dessert! We spent a whole $2 and some change for all four of us to get a couple scoops of icecream! (although, I think the guys got three scoops!) BTW, three scoops is the limit one can get for 31 cents each. This is a great promotional event to add to your calendar! Usually on this evening they raise funds for a charity. I wasn't able to pick up any information from our local Baskin Robbins as to what we were supporting this year (everyone was so busy!). They did hand out coupons for Mother's Day icecream cakes though!

Monday, April 25, 2011

A Lifetime of Memories

My Grandparents were married over half a century. They traveled, had children; and excelled in their careers. (Grandpa retired at Kellogg’s, Grandma- she was a secretary for the local school system). Grandma died in 2006 of a stroke, Grandpa having recently been diagnosed with dementia has been moved into an assisted living establishment. His days are now more scheduled, and he has the help he needs as he moves through this stage of life.

For the past few days, I’ve been helping my Aunt and Uncle clean out my grandparent’s home. Over 60 years of memories have been dusted off, wiped down, washed, and even pitched in some instances. Room by room, we have gone through boxes, drawers, under beds, a shed/workshop, garage, and through closets. Once a room was emptied of its contents, it was cleaned.

My Uncle spent today working on starting/maintaining all the machines. There were a couple of tractors, a riding lawn mower, a couple push mowers, a truck, 2 cars, a motor home, and some trailers that needed some maintenance. Tires had to be aired up, trailers pulled out of the mud, new batteries installed, oil & transmission/fluid changes all around.

I was in the house with my Aunt cleaning up and mostly cleaning out. With much laughter, tears, and sharing of “remember when’s, or “did you ever meet so and so?” echoed off the now empty walls. We sorted their lives into three categories: Trash, Keep, and Give Away.

Tonight, my body physically aches from the demands I have forced on it these last few days. My heart is full - I have unearthed lots of family history, and the emotional drain leaves me sleeping well at night.

Amongst the board games I played with for as long as I can remember, is now one of the most treasured things of all to me: My Great Grandmother’s Bible. If I walked away from this experience with nothing else, I would be totally satisfied. The notes inside are insightful. She loved the Lord, and has written out several of her favorite verses, and sermon notes in the margins. I look forward to gingerly spending time reading both the verses she found comforting/convicting, and gaining her insight as I get this small glimpse into her relationship with the same Lord that I love.

As I reflect over this time, my conscience is pricked. What will my children find, going through my things one day that will mean the most to them? What "thing" will show that I cared about it most?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Teenage "Joke" costs more than you think...

When your child hurts, you hurt. Our 13 yr. old recieved a text from a "friend" saying that he was being released from the hospital. Cory asked why/what? The other kid said that he and two other of their friends were involved in a hit and run by a drunk driver. With tears running down his face, our oldest looked at us and told us the details as the texts came in. We all stopped what we were doing and prayed for everyone involved. Details came in by the sentence, two of the three boys were in ICU at Gateway, hit and run, drunk driver, one of the boy's mom's was driving she was hurt also, but released. One of the boys wasn't wearing a seatbelt and went through the windshield. Horrible, vivid details. Our child was emotionally hurting, we hurt together. These boys are at our home, and Cory is at theirs our lives intertwined. How quickly things can change.
Brian had a soccer game this morning and so we headed out and planned to go straight to the hospital after the game. Poor Cory couldn't look at anyone and kept his hat pulled down so no one would see the tears.
The game couldn't be over fast enough.
Imagining the worst, we stepped through the doors to the hospital.  The information folks couldn't tell us if anyone was there by either name. I thought maybe since they were under age I couldn't find out, so I desperately started searching my phone for other parents numbers. The ones I got in touch with hadn't heard about the accident, but wanted to know how they could help.
The boy that was texting Cory, Cory had his mothers number so he called her asking her what room the boys were in . She said it wasn't a good time and she didn't know where her son was to call back later. I thought maybe she was overwhelmed with her child being hurt, so I asked another nurse if she could check the ICU list. She did and didn't find either boys name on it. She was real sweet and called out to Ft. Campbell hospital and a couple hospitals in Nashville, coming up empty each time.
Poor Cory, he just sat in the floor of the hospital with his head in his hands. He wasn't understanding why he couldn't find his friends. Helping him up, and walking him towards the car I assured him we would catch a break somehow, someway.
We did, several minutes later when Cory got a text saying: "It was a joke, we are sorry we never thought you would take us so seriously."
WHAT? Stunned silence got us home. Cory texted back to his friends that his mom didn't think that was funny. (your dang skippy I didn't!)
After speaking to Sweetie about the whole thing, and the rest of the parents on alert to bring food, pray, ect. We talked about how to best handle this whole horrible experience.
Just as we had made our minds up, my phone rang and it was the boys mom that Cory called earlier. She was calling to apologise for her son's behavior. Apparently he had let another boy type those messages out to Cory. He was very sorry for his part in it, and was sorry he had disappointed me.
I didn't say much to the young man, just that I needed to speak with his mother again. She and I discussed the situation, and she was sorry that her son had disrupted our day and hurt Cory so terribly. She just couldn't imagine how he could be involved in a prank like this.
This mom and I will go together here in the next couple of hours to the parents of the child that was texting the lies and let them in on the "joke" of the day.
I share this not only because it affected me and my family, but because of the ripples of hurt and concern it caused for others. This has given Sweetie and I the opportunity to remind the boys that anything that goes out of their phone is their responsibility, don't loan your phone out.
I know that kids will pull stuff that makes parents shake their heads in exasperation, but I believe with all these new electronic toys, internet ect that our children have at their disposal, puts them in a whole other realm of danger from our childhood. These electronics come with responsibility, and I'm glad to see at least one other parent that is willing to make their child accept theirs.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Dunbar Cave State Park

Sasha loves it when you ask her if she wants to go for a "ride!".

Sasha "talking" to the ducks.


This morning Sasha and I took a short drive over to Dunbar Cave park. We walked the Recovery trail and the short loop. It was a great outing for both of us. We saw lots of birds, a chipmunk, and yes - she chased any squirrel she could see. We both took a long drink of water when we were finished. It was a great morning!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sasha is Three!

On the day my friends and I picked up Sasha to bring her home, we found out she had been born the first week of April. She was the smallest puppy in the litter. However, her personality and determination were bigger than the rest of the pack. She was also the only puppy without a tail; although the little bump thats left wiggles big time, along with the rest of her.
This little 6 pound rat terrier, full of personality, has wiggled her way into all our hearts. As anyone who ownes a pet knows, the daily unconditional love they provide us is priceless. Little miss Sasha keeps us all laughing too! Silly little dog.
Today she enjoyed half a vanilla cupcake, a chicken jerky treat and many naps in the sunshine on the back porch! 

Happy birthday Sasha!