Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Gazebo - Charleston, S.C.

 Each and every day time escapes us little by little. This trip took Sweetie and I down memory lane. Last time we were here Cory was almost 2. I haven't been able to place my hands on the picture that Sweetie took of little Cory and I 12 years ago. Come to think of it... I should have taken another one with him here this time. However, all I could think of was allowing the boys to explore it on their own. Letting each have time to enjoy it.
Cory walked around and pointed out the writing on the ceiling of the gazebo. "Nice Place."he said. Young man of many words..
His brother Brian, ever the entertainer...well the gazebo could be nothing else but a stage. I was thrilled to capture him dancing his time away!
We spent enough time in the park to watch a wedding party arrive and use it for their ceremony.  The whole process was rather quick as they were outta there in about 30 minutes or so.
The late afternoon shadows were creeping in as they rushed off to take photos all over town.
We also got to enjoy watching pelicans dive into the water after fish in the bay. Beautiful weather of low 80's and a slight breeze helped us during our walk about time.
It was a beautiful afternoon.

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